Style Yourself Spectacular at the MVC Spring Trunk Show

Save the date for an exclusive event Merivale Vision Care Spring Trunk Show, happening only on May 15th and 16th, 2024.

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Save the date for an exclusive event Merivale Vision Care Spring Trunk Show, happening only on May 15th and 16th, 2024. This is your chance to explore complete collections from three exceptional designer brands and one renowned lens manufacturer.

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MVC Spring Trunk Show

When you come in to freshen up your spring eyewear style, get ready to have fun, enjoy treats, listen to great music, and care for your eyes in the most fashion-forward way possible. 

We are certain you will find the perfect frames for you and your loved ones at our trunk show. If this is your first time going to a trunk show or you have never heard of one, here is how it works: A trunk show is a super fun event featuring only a few designer brands. 

All products not part of the trunk show’s featured collections are put away to make space to display the featured brands’ entire collections in the optical boutique for you to shop. 

Hosting a complete collection in our boutique is amazing because you can view, try on, and compare every piece a collection offers.

At this trunk show, we will host the FENDI, Celine, and Christian Dior collections, and Nikon lenses will fit in your perfect pairs. 

You will receive beautiful, amazing-quality eyewear with exclusive discounts on frames and first- and multiple-pair purchases. Fendi is a brand-new collection of our optical boutique, with gorgeous modern classic styles. 

Celine and Christian Dior offer high-quality, gorgeous frame models. The Celine aesthetic is quite luxurious, while the Dior frames offer more modern glamour. 

We will also donate a portion of the trunk show proceeds to a close near and dear to our staff members’ hearts: the ALS Society of Canada. 

These proceeds will go towards research that shows the most promise to slow down ALS (or hopefully even stop it). 

Please visit the ALS Society of Canada's website for more information about all the amazing things it does.


We cannot wait to see you at our Spring Trunk Show on May 15th and 16th! Get ready to have fun and find your perfect pair of glasses while supporting an amazing cause that will improve the lives of Canadians experiencing ALS.

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