Show your Dry Eyes some Love with these Lotions and Potions

If dry eyes are getting you down, we have the solution for you!

If dry eyes are getting you down, then it’s time to turn that frown upside down. We have the solution for you! Alongside Dry Eye treatments in the office, we also offer other products that can help give you dry eye relief at home. Read on for our love list of favourite eye care lotions and potions that get rid of parched peepers stat.

We love all the I-DROP® PUR family for our patients with moderate to severe dry eye because this product offers ultimate relief and comfort for dry eyes. These drops are preservative-free and have superior moisturizing and lubricating properties to provide long-lasting dry eye relief. We also love these drops because they don’t blur your vision upon application, letting you keep doing what you’re doing while treating your dry eyes. The magic in the I-DROP® PUR GEL drops is added glycerine, a highly moisturizing ingredient. When combined with the rest of the formula for these drops the added glycerine results in a stable tear film and a feeling of superior comfort.

If your dry eyes are super dry and need to dream a little bigger, then I-DROP® MGD is the drop you need. I-DROP® MGD is a premium, preservative-free artificial tear that helps relieve symptoms that come with evaporative (when your tear layer dries out super-fast) dry eye. These drops stabilize and enhance the tear layer to prevent it from drying out so quickly. When your tear layer is fortified then you will feel incredible ocular hydration and comfort. This product is long-lasting and re-coats the surface of your eye with each blink, keeping your tears stable and intact for as long as possible. Bye-bye, Sahara-level-dry eyes!

Another fave of ours is HYLO®Gel. These drops were developed for those with severe and persistent dry eyes. This kind of dry eye requires more intensive, therapeutic lubrication of the eye’s surface. When administered, these drops form a regular, stable, long-lasting, and lubricating film on the eye’s surface without causing blurred vision. HYLO®Gel is preservative-free and offers intense hydration to the eye. These drops are also great for people with sensitive eyes because they contain gentle and well-tolerated ingredients. We also recommend them to patients experiencing dry eye sensation during treatment after surgical procedures.

If you need intensive relief from chronic and persistent dry eye and inflammatory symptoms then HYLO DUAL INTENSE™ is for you. This product is non-stinging and offers immediate relief from inflammatory symptoms such as itching and burning. These drops are a preservative-free formula that provides long-lasting protection for your eyes from dryness and irritation. HYLO DUAL INTENSE™ formula is also phosphate-free which helps to prevent dry eye complications such as deposits in the cornea (the front-most surface of your eye).

Last, but certainly not least we also love the Systane® Ointment for Nighttime Relief. This rich ointment lubricates and comforts dry eyes using a preservative-free formula that is meant to be used overnight. This dry-eye relieving ointment minimizes the potential for irritation, keeps eyes comfortable, and offers dry eye relief while you sleep.

Any of these products catching your eye? During your next visit with us please ask your doctor of Optometry which of these drops are right for you. Once you experience the comfort and dry eye relief these products provide, you’ll never look back. Ready to come in and see us? Find us here to schedule your appointment right away or shop online for our eye care products!

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