New Promos for You, for 2022!

Let’s kick off 2022 with some great savings, new styles, and your best vision ever!

Hello everybody and welcome back after what we hope has been a restorative holiday season for you! Has 2022 got you feeling ready to tackle your to-do list? How about getting your eye exam booked with your Doctor of Optometry, and finally treating yourself to some brand-new updated glasses? Sounds great right? We can’t wait to see you and help you to see your best, so book that appointment to come on in.

With the new year comes new promotions! We are so excited to share that we are offering 50% off computer progressive lenses, as well as anti-fatigue lenses when you purchase your frame. Computer progressive lens designs are great for those long days working from home in front of the computer. They are customized for your workspace, allowing more viewing room inside the lenses for multiple monitors, documents on your desk, and checking your phone. They’re also handy for any tasks inside your arm’s range such as baking, playing piano, crafting on a work bench, the list goes on.

Anti-fatigue lens designs allow for your distance prescription through most of the lens but has a little shift in the magnification toward the bottom of the lens to ease eye fatigue when using your hand-held devices. Anti-fatigue lenses can also be customized to your workspace, so be sure to ask your Optometrist or one of our Opticians about it when you’re here for your visit.

The savings don’t stop there! We are also offering 20% off your second pair purchase. Such great savings on a backup pair of glasses, an extra pair of reading glasses, prescription sunglasses, and for a second style to mix up your look with different outfits. The options are endless.

New promos aren’t the only exciting things happening at MVC. We have also brought a few new eyeglasses lines into our optical boutique for you to try on and find your prefect look. Swarovski eyewear is one collection that’s part of the new lineup, and these frames are ready to bring your sparkle to the next level. We will share more about the other new collections in the very near future. We have also expanded our Smith sunglasses collection, offering you more slick sun options for those winter sports.

Let’s kick off 2022 with some great savings, new styles, and your best vision ever!

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