Ease Allergy Season Symptoms this Year by Giving Your Eyes ZEST!

Relieve allergy season symptoms for your eyes. Discover tips and techniques to give your eyes zest. Visit us for expert advice and solutions.

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Spring Equinox is right around the corner, and allergy season follows shortly after that. If you struggle when the snow melts, and the buds and sprouts start shooting up, let us ease your dry, irritated eyes with a relaxing, in-office ZEST treatment. 

Our Dry Eye technicians can administer this quick and refreshing treatment, featuring Zocular lid hygiene products, anytime without waiting to book in with your Optometrist. 

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What is Zest And What It Entails?

ZEST, also known as an eyelid debridement, is a relaxing and painless in-office procedure. It exfoliates the eyelids, releasing oils into the eye. This promotes healthy tear production and effectively eases dry eye and seasonal allergy symptoms. 

Zocular eyelid products are applied to the eyelashes and eyelid margins with a sterile swab during your ZEST treatment. This gel is then worked into a lather, manually deep-cleaning the lashes and lids. 

Once clean, the lather is rinsed off using a saline solution. The result? Refreshed and rejuvenated lids and lashes. 

Our team will also recommend at-home lid and lash hygiene with supporting products so you can continue to experience relief from allergy symptoms and dry eye between in-office treatments.

Zocular products are very gentle around the eyes and remarkably effective in removing biofilm, bacteria, excess oil, debris, and residue that can lead to itching, burning and gritty sensations in the eyes. 

When you blink, dirt and debris can enter the tear film and coat the eye, leading to more irritation, so regular ZEST treatments can help relieve this irritation and seasonal allergy symptoms. 

The powerhouse ingredient in Zocular products is okra, a green, edible seed pod with powerful cleansing properties. 

The polysaccharides from okra plants are formulated into a product that effectively cleans the eyelids and lashes, breaking down oily residue, dirt, bacteria, and allergens that usually cause itchy, dry eyes.


Ready to show your eyes ZEST and relieve those Dry Eye and seasonal allergy symptoms? Book with us. Our team is prepared to help your eyes feel their best.

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